Path to Publication: Day 20

DAY 20 

Tomorrow my book goes live!!  It has been available for the past two days, but I haven’t told anyone other than my immediate family.  The reason is, Amazon counts preorders the day they order not the day it launches and for a more successful Amazon rank I wanted all my sales within the same month.  Today is August 1st and I will now advertise to my FB friends that my book is available.

What I did:

  • Advertise my book to FB friends.  I used to upload my book cover and wrote on the top “available on Amazon” I will ask my friends to please, please, please, share this picture with their friends. I will also have the Amazon link within the message but not on the picture.
  • I need to figure out how to do the “Look Inside” on my Amazon book because I don’t have that right now.  Kindle uploads are supposed to be included automatically one week prior to release, so I’m not sure why I don’t have it.  I sent them an email and they said they would get back to me in 2-3 days 😦 Stay close to your computer I’ve received several emails regarding this set up. —
  • I need to set up Instafreebie with 10% of my book for promotion and this should also help my newsletter subscriptions.  This was very easy to do and I highly recommend it.
  • I have posted some things on my book launch event and tagged people who have not seen their first invitation.  My plan is to continue to post random things on the page related to book lovers and authors.  I also want to find a fun introduction clip.
  • The greatest part about today is that there was very little I felt like I HAD to do.  I’ve learned throughout this process that after 2-3 hours of research my brain is maxed and it is better use of my time to do something else.
  • As part of my continued marketing is to look for somewhere new to post about my book three times a week.  There is free marketing available and I want to milk August for all it’s worth.

That’s all for today.  As always, with love;

JJ Liniger





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