Path to Publication: Day 19

I am two days away from my launch!!  Kindle pre-order is ready and locked, so I couldn’t change it if I wanted to.  Now I’m checking my master To-Do List to see if there is anything that I have not done, which I should.

Things I did

Things I have NOT Done

  • A professional author picture.  I have not done this because honestly I don’t like the way I look.  Sad, but true. It’s not just because I’m overweight, but my hair has not been cooperating and I’m in the constant debate of cut it again or let it grow.  I’m not ready for this face, to the face of my business. I have used a picture from a few years ago that is professional and clean.
  • Ask for an endorsement from someone of influence.  Honestly, I don’t have someone right now that would fit for this genre of book.  I have one other published author friend who I asked to write the foreward, but she was not able to do so. I could ask someone from FB but that option felt fake, but if that doesn’t bother you then it is a good option.
  • Make postcards with the cover.  I choose to do bookmarks instead.  Many places I read suggested doing both.  I have also yet to order business cards, but I do plan to do that, but as of now thought about using the bookmarks as my business card.
  • Joined Empress Author Solutions – There is a small fee for reviews so I’m choosing my free options first
  • Contacted Books N Pearls Book Blog – – There is a small fee for reviews so I will wait for them.
  • Bookshop Bistro will be a great place to submit these publishing articles once they are finished.

Things I DID 

  • Figure out how to link Amazon to my blog, website, and FB Author page.  (Once the paperback option is available, then I will link createspace to Amazon/Kindle)
  • Joined Indie Publishing News –
  • Liked Raven Publicity –
  • Joined Books with a Grove –
  • Joined Indie Sharing Worldwide –
  • Made contacts with:
    • Digital Book Girl
    • E-Scribes
    • Raven Publicity
    • The Fiction Readers Box

My To-Do List has officially checked off everything.  I have a few last day items that I will mention in tomorrow’s post.  I’m so excited!!

JJ Liniger






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