Path to Publication: Day 12 & 13

DAY 12 & 13

Today, I’m looking a newsletters.  In my schedule I’m allowing for a day of research and a day to actually create the newsletter, similar to creating the website. This is an area I am unfamiliar with.

What I did

Research Newsletter/Mailing Services

Tiny Letter –

  • TinyLetter is a personal newsletter service brought to you by the people behind MailChimp. People use it to send updates, digests, and dispatches to their fans and friends.Though they’re built on the same infrastructure, TinyLetter is for people who don’t need all the business features that come along with MailChimp. Simplicity is at the heart of everything we do at TinyLetter.TinyLetter is a completely free service.
  • I need to research Mailchimp to know which service would be best for me.

MailChimp —

  • When you connect your store with one of MailChimp’s hundreds of e-commerce integrations, you can create targeted email or ad campaigns, automate helpful product follow-ups, and send back-in-stock messaging.
  • For me the templates will be an important feature to make it user friendly. —
  • Free
    • 2000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month
    • includes automation emails
    • lots of support and learning available.
  • My website has Mailchimp widget which makes for easy compatibility. Which makes me lean toward Mailchimp right now, I’m unsure if I would use Tinyletter, I’m not seeing it’s usefulness.


  • In 2005 we started as a web design and development agency. After a few years we discovered email marketing and fell in love with it. Since 2010 MailerLite is the only product that we develop.Today MailerLite is a team of 27 designers, developers, writers, speakers, photographers, surfers, chess players, world travellers, dreamers and genuine nice people.
  • Free
    • 1000 subscribers and unlimited emails per month
    • includes automation emails
    • lots of support and learning available.


  • Considering they are both free to start and have tutorials available, I feel confident I can figure out what to do with either one.  Honestly, MailerLite looks more user friendly and the website does a better job of showing their features.  The problem is they don’t appear to link well with my other formats, blog, website and FB.  For that reason, I’m going with MAILCHIMP!
  • Signing up!
    • It did ask for my website name, so I’m glad I had that before creating a newsletter, however could have used FB or blog address.
    • Everything was great and majorly user friendly.  For many of my graphics I use which is a fantastic free/cheap (1$) website.
    • A deal breaker came fast and sudden!!!  I found that with the signup forms used by mailchimp, in the confirmation email, my address is sent out to the subscriber, which is required by law for them to do.  That sucks!  So I will be using an alternate address rather than my home.
    • This is my solution –  I do not plan to use it for shipping, but simply to have an alternate address than my home. I would recommend setting this up before signing up your newsletter service.  I’ll be editing the website blog post to include this suggestion.  My phone and email blew up after creating my blog, I would have used an alternate address and phone number had I known to do so.

Obtaining Readers/Followers 

  • Ask your friends/family if they would like to be added to your Newsletter through FB and email those close to you.
  •  In your first Newsletter, explain to them the importance of sharing and liking your FB post, blog entries, author page, etc.  Honestly, most people don’t know how important it is and will help you once they understand.
  • Make sure you link your Newsletter to your website, blog, author page, etc.
  • I will have further blog posts on marketing (once I figure out marketing, lol)

Newsletter Swapping 

  • Swapping is when you agree to feature another author’s book in your newsletter with agreement that they will also feature your’s in theirs.  No actual emails are swapped.
  • You can google newsletter swapping to find multiple websites and search FB for multiple pages.
  • Determining who to swap with is not something I have personally experienced but I have gathered some tips and guidelines.
    • You want someone within the same genre
    • Check the author’s reviews for what their readers say about them, make sure their readers like them.
    • At least read the sample chapter included in the “inside cover” section on Amazon.
    • Most authors do not read the whole book.  If that is the case, then disclose that information to your readers. This could still be done positively by focusing on the Author’s willingness to help out a fellow Author.  But also encourage your readers to give you feedback if they felt a book/Author you promoted didn’t meet their quality standards.

What to include:



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