Path to Publication: Day 9 & 10

DAY 9 & 10

Today, it is all about the website. I will be researching website hosts, domain names.  I will see about creating a new website or modifying this wordpress account.  This is all unknown for me, so it will be a lot of learning.  This was extremely intimidating to me, and while I believe it could have been done in one day, it took me more because of procrastination. It really needs a full day of research and a separate day to create the website, unless you are a quick decision maker, I am not.

Things I did

List Possible Domain Names 

  • JourneywithJewels
  • 2600 Street Publishing

Purchase Domain Name 

  • Wait to do this, because this is included in most website hosting plans.

Research website hosts 

  • I am starting with wordpress to have a better understanding of what they offer.  I also like the idea of my blog and website being the same host.
    • The version I am using right now is free, prices range from $3-25 per month
    • I read the Divi theme on WordPress is functional and professional.
  • To try to know which site to use, I did a quick search for tutorials on youtube for both Bluehost and 1and1.  Both of them had many tutorials and tags suggesting they are easy to use.
  • Other options that have been recommended to me are:
    • Square Space (I am not using this because I will use paypal services instead of square, but if you use square this would be a good option)
    • GoDaddy 
  • I’ve decided to go with BLUEHOST because it seems to be the most user friendly.  I watched several youtube videos (links above) and feel like it will work well for me. While 1and1 is a less expensive, I’ve learned you get what you pay for and this is a business I entend on taking seriously and want to be professional.

Pages to include in website:

  • Author Info.
  • Book Info, with links to purchase.
  • Link to Blog.
  • Contact form.
  • Ways to sign up for my Newsletter
  • Services

Learn website design and building 

  • This is not something I am able to do very easily, therefore I will need an extremely user friendly hosting service.


  • After I created my website my email and phone blew up with sales calls.  I would highly recommend using an alternate address and phone number.  I learned when setting up my newsletter that by federal law you MUST release a physical address and my new subscribers were getting my actual home address (luckily I tested with my family and fixed it before strangers received my private info).
  • This is my solution –  I do not plan to use it for shipping, but simply to have an alternate address than my home.

Create Website 

  • Alright, it’s show time!  I’m starting at 12:30pm, I have already purchased the account and selected a password, that’s all, lets see how long it takes me to finish.
  • It has been an hour and half and I have a meeting to go to, but wanted to say so far it has been quite user friendly.  The video below has given me a few ideas of things I wouldn’t have thought of, but most of it I could have done faster without the video.
  • I will be using youtube videos to help me along the way so it could probably we faster if I weren’t pausing and stopping videos, but I think this will be best. I am using this tutorial service – and will watch all ten videos.
  • At the time that I am signing up there is a promotion so “plus” and “prime” are the same price 5.95 per month, for that reason I am going with prime.
  • A quick search of SEO for authors gave many options — —  I am selecting: New books; Adult Fiction; Mystery/Thriller Novel – to cover the most appropriate search words for me.


  • Check me out at
  • This is something I made way more complicated than it needed to be.  The sites really are user friendly and it would have been more time effective for me to play around with it and determine what I like with trial and error.
  • But because I did use the tutorial I have a really professional and functional website I will not have to make any major changes to it for some time, so that is great!



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