Path to Publication: Day 11

DAY 11

Today I worked with my cover design artist.  I previously  sent her an email with the information from a day eight and we were able to meet through Facebook this afternoon.  To between her sending me cover mock up options, I worked on goal setting, which kept me productive and at my computer.

Things I did

Goal Setting 

  • August/Sept – Publish Poisoned.  Finish writing edits for I am Lucifer, which will include test God gives to Lucifer. one successful and one not finished well.  Have L available for pre-order.
  • Sept/Oct. – Edit printed copy of L. Outline book for Nano. Send L to editor.
  • Nov. – Write new book.  Continue marketing P.
  • Dec – Edit God’s Will and send chapter edits of new book to group.
  • Jan –  Finish edits of God’s Will and prepare for publication first of Feb.
  • Feb – Release God’s Will. Make sure Books 2 from Nov. is outlined and figure out major concepts for book 3.
  • March – Begin writing book 2. Market P, L, and GW.
  • April – Finish edits for Book 1
  • May – Buffer Month. I’m doing this to give myself a break or catch up if I have fallen behind.
  • June – Prepare Book 1 for publishing July 1st. Outline for book 3.
  • July – Write book 3
  • Aug – Decide if I like this writing/publishing schedule or if I was crazy to try this busy of a schedule.

Marketing Goals 

  • One Time Ideas
    • Order business cards, posters, bookmarks
    • Set up Amazon Author Central page
    • Host a launch party
    • Make book trailer for website, for youtube.
    • Use magnetic sign on your car
    • Ask for reviews at back of the book
    • Have %10 of book on instafreebie with links to purchase full copy
    • Join reader discussion groups on Goodreads
    • Take pre-orders
    • Keep paperback books in car
  • Daily (5 Days per week, not 7)
    • Post to FB, Google+, Twitter, Linked In, Blog or Website.
    • Update readers on what your doing (see calendar goals above)
  • Monthly (select 2-3 things to do each month)
    • Mail Newsletter
    • Have a book sale / free days
    • Have a book signing at a bookstore, grocery store, or coffee shop (have newsletter sign up at events)
    • Send press release to newspaper or magazine.
    • Sell book at craft fairs
    • Bundle books together for events (can bundle with other writers of same genre)
    • Review books on website.
    • Feature books on blog, ask bloggers to feature yours as well
    • Remind friends and family of book
    • Volunteer to speak at local library, reader groups.  Send thank you notes after speaking/meeting.
    • Donate books for giveaways, include Goodreads.  Or advertise profits going to X organization.

Cover design 

  • It took about 7 optional mock ups to find a style and everything I really liked.
  • I will get feedback from my FB friends and professionals from 20coversto50k FB page, then send final comments to the cover artist.

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