Path to Publishing: Day 8


Something I have not explained yet, is how I make the decision of what to do each day.  As I have mentioned, I have a master To-Do list that has 50-60 items on it.  Some will be an all day task and others I can do several in one day.  When I finish blogging for that day, I go ahead and start my next blog for the next day and give myself a goal of 5-6 items from that list.  Each “day” is literally what I did that day, but I don’t spend that day deciding what to do, I already made that decision the previous day.

Things I did

Research Cover Designers

  • I had a friend who has done book banner design for Fan Fiction who I planned to use for my cover.  She is very talented, but is relying on me to provide the pictures (that are not copyrighted) and then giving me what I want.  The problem is, I’m not a good judge for what is good book cover art.  The feedback I received was to select a professional cover designer.
  • I looked over hundreds of premade covers looking for something I liked and nothing looked better or worse than the cover art created by my friend.
  • The feedback I kept getting was when I saw it, I would just know it.  Crappy advice, but turned out to be true.
  • I found Amy Queau on Q Design Cover and Brand Premades –
    • Her work is beautiful and charged $90 for an original cover (not premade) which is a fantastic price.
    • I contacted her and scheduled an appointment with her

Study Genre Cover design: Note pictures, font, author name/title placement

  •  I don’t want to give too much feedback or I’ll run into the same problem with Amy as I did with my friend and her create what I like rather than what fits the genre.
  • At first I copied the link of any cover I liked.  There were about 12 of them and I opened them all and then compared them to narrow down what I liked best.
  • Here I will link covers I like within the genre of thriller/mystery to give Amy some perspective of what I like about the cover.
    1. I love the backmatter being around the picture and the dark nature picture. My blurb is short and the words going around the picture will make it look longer than it really is.
    1. I like the broken buildings and decimation that it shows. I also like the light brown and orange, rather than it being so dark.  I do not like that the author list covers up so much of the picture.
    1. I like the nature picture with the flowers or weeds (not sure which).  I’m not sure about the face in the clouds, but I feel like a face needs to be on the cover.  Preferably male than female.
    1. I love that the picture is clear and not overlapped with too many images. The blue color and bubbles give it the thriller/mystery affect keeping it within genre.

Genre specific covers of best sellers and new releases. 

    1. This cover is very similar to what I initially wanted.  I like that the picture is pretty and appears peaceful.  But didn’t fit into the mystery/thriller genre, but I wanted to include it as a stylistic option.
    1. I really like the use of yellow, blue, black and green in this one. The image is still clear and the black shadow effect gives it the suspense genre feel. I like the green on bottom which could follow the “Poisoned” theme of my book.
    1. I feel like having a person on the cover is important and I like how this is done. He is small and undescribed, but still quite visible. I also like the bright yellows and black contrast.
    1. I like that the image is clean and clear.  I also like that the image appears to be small town and unpopulated.
    1. What I do not like about most of these covers is that you can’t look at the cover and know what the book is about.  With this cover you get a solid hint in the cover and I would like for the cover to tell parts of the story.
    1. I really like the contrast of the blue, black and yellow.  I also like the wheat in the picture.

Book Summary

  • If you have not written a summary of your book it would be good to do so before meeting with the cover designer.  The summary should be one to two pages and include all spoilers and major plot points of the book.  Obviously spoilers won’t be in the cover, but they are still good for the artists to know about so maybe she/he can create some hints within the cover.
  • They way I wrote mine is to go through each chapter and give a one or two sentences describing what happened.  Then I took these sentences and tried to make the summary flow a little smoother.  It is still choppy but gives a clear picture of the whole story.

Create Cover Design – Here is a look at some I created myself and my friends made.

  • Image may contain: people standing, text and outdoor
  • Image may contain: grass, plant and outdoor
  • Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor and text
  • Image may contain: text

That’s all for today!  As always with love,

JJ Liniger



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