Path to Publication: Day 7


Today I had the full day to myself and wanted to get a lot of things done.  In reality it consisted of a lot of reading.

Things I did

Make a printed copy for self edits

  • Editing every day is super important.
  • For myself, I edit the full printed copy and then go through the computer document and make those changes.
  • An important tip, if you are adding a comma or something small like that, make a circle around that edit so you don’t miss it when transferring these edits to the document.  A printed copy is only helpful if those edits actually make it to the master copy.

Research Professional editors

  • My church has a FB page and I posted a comment if anyone does professional editing for a living.  That is where I found my editor.  She gave me a great discount, which helped my budget considerably.
  • If this isn’t an option for you then I would suggest the FB page 20booksTo50k, there are literally dozens of well qualified editors with fees with a large range.  Also in many cases you can strike up a conversation with the actual editor to know what type of editing would be best for you.

Read Smashwords Style Guide for formatting

  • Previously I downloaded the Smashwords style guide and today I set of goal to reading it in one sitting.  After just over an hour I was halfway through the book.  Great, but I was majorly losing focus.  So I allowed myself to do something fun for an hour and then returned to reading.  The second half went faster than the first half thankfully.
  • By pre-reading this guide, I learned that it will certainly take me a full day to format my book when I am ready to do so.  I will most likely pick a weekend where my husband can follow these steps with me to help me troubleshoot should it become necessary. I am NOT tech savvy and having another set of eyes seeing what I’m doing will be extremely helpful.  Of course, I’ll let you know how that goes when that day comes.


That is all for today.  As always, with love,

JJ Liniger



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