Path to Publication: Day 6


I was still restricted to how much I could move and feeling loopy, so I focused on research today.

Things I did

Research Draft2Digital

  • A service to authors where they will format your book and upload it to multiple places for you.  Most of the places they post to, I had never heard of, so that required more research to know if this is something I want to do.
  • Service is free, except they take 10% of your sales, which is reasonable.  You still set the prices and keep the rights to your book.
  • There is a concept within publishing of “going wide” which means you are publishing outside of ONLY Amazon.  To be included in Amazon Unlimited, you have to agree to only publish on Amazon.  It is an important decision for all authors to make and there is no right or wrong decision here.

Research InstaFreebie

  • It is a great resource to authors.  They will help gain new readers and increase your mailing list/newsletter.
  • If you do not have a free book to offer, this can still be a great service. It will allow you to post 10% of your book to here for free, and then offer links to Amazon or where it can be downloaded for the rest of the story. Really great service.
  • Offers 50$month, 20$month, and free services.  I’m starting with the free service before determining if I want to use a different service.
  • I created an account, but did not upload a book because I do not feel it is ready.  I do not have a cover and I want to be able to link this to Amazon with orders.

Research MailerLite

  • This is something I am not very knowledgeable about and will have to try something and see what works for me.  This seems to offer great services for free for 1000 members and affordable rates after that.
  • I created an account, but will have to come back to actually create my mailing list. I plan to post to FB to find out who of my friends want to be on my mailing list.

Research One Hundred Free Books

  •  AND
  • $75-$100 for advertising
  • This most likely isn’t for me right now because my book won’t be free.  I can see this being great for someone who puts the first book in a series for free, they will take a loss on that book in hopes of gaining a new reader.  From what I have read this is recommended after book three of the series has been published.
  • I did not create an account or register.

Research Free Kindle Books and Tips

  • Marketing $25-$60per posting, Featured posting $100-125 per posting
  • At this time I won’t have a marketing budget, but I will look into this when I have the funds to do so.

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