Path to Publication: Day 5


I’m a stickler for honesty, so I want to point out that obviously more than one day has passed since day four and five, I’m not giving the days to know how many days it took me to publish, but rather what to do each day to make publishing smooth and as simple as it can be.  I had surgery following day four and while recovery physically has been great, mentally my mind has been a pile of goo that just wanted to sleep.  So while I did some reading and researched some things, not very much of it stuck.  But I did accomplish some things, which I’m proud of.

Things I did

Write the next chapter of your book to use as a teaser at the end of this book.

This is a great tip, but would be extremely difficult to implement if you do not already have another book written.  With that said, if you do not already have your next book written, are you sure you are ready to self publish?  I plan to have a blog post on how I knew I was ready to publish, but honestly I don’t feel like I can comment on that until after I publish and find out if I was really ready or not.

From what I have read, publishing as often as you can release clean work is best.  For some that is a new book every month.  Doesn’t that sound crazy?  But apparently it can be done.

I have three fully written books.  So I’ve taken the first chapter of my other two books, printed them out and edited them as much as I can.  Then I take them to my writing group to get feedback on which chapter they feel is my strongest.  Then I will include one in the backmatter of this book.




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