Path to Publication: Day 4


Everyone hates taxes, right?  Today, I continue the journey of trying to get my sales tax permit.  I also have plans to set up my author FB page.  Then I’ll see how long that takes before doing anything else.

To know why I am self publishing, read my reasons here.

Things I did

Apply for Sales Tax Permit

  • I thought I was simply registering on the government site, but I was trying to register for taxes before registering the business.  I have registered my business with the federal government, but not the state of OK.
  • Once doing it correctly, it was crazy easy. However, I need to wait 5 days to get my Tax Account number to then register for my Tax Permit. (Grrrr)

Facebook Author Page

  • I choose Brand/Product so I’d be able to link the FB page to Amazon. My author name is the “product”, creepy but true.
  • There is lots of tweaking that will take as I add images and post new things, add links to my website (when it is created) and Amazon links, but I consider this task completed. YAY! 😀
  • I used my author bio and blurb from the previous day as information about me. I also created a picture ( with the link of my author page and featured that image on my personal page.
  • And within minutes, I got my first LIKE, my friends are awesome!!!


On a personal note, I’m having surgery tomorrow and will be in the hospital overnight and in bed for a few days following.  I plan to still do something each day, but my productivity will be quite less.

As always, with love,

JJ Liniger


4 thoughts on “Path to Publication: Day 4

  1. Hello,

    I found your site the other day after searching topics on publishing. I really appreciate your honesty and openness in documenting the steps towards and reasons for self-publishing. For that reason alone, I would have asked to become a follower.

    However, when I read your series on your faith and how you chose to defend it. Thank you for taking the time to challenge yourself, to honestly investigate your faith, and for your integrity to want to know why you believe. I would be honored to be allowed to become a follower.


    best wishes and many prayers for your surgery and for your family while you are healing.


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