Path to Publication: Day 1

I have a BUSINESS!!

Day 1

Armed with an exciting To-Do list, I’m ready to mark down the days until I am a published author.  Most of the steps on my list came from multiple google searches, “21 Day Publishing” and “40 Day Publishing” books, making my goal to publication to be somewhere between those guidelines.

If you are new to the publishing world, like me, then hopefully these blog posts will be helpful to see what to do and probably what not to do (hopefully more Do’s than Do not’s).

To my family and friends, you can go on the journey with me to know what the process of being published is really like.

To know why I am self publishing, read my reasons here.

Today I did:

Name my business: 2600 Street Publishing

Determine forms needed for starting a small business in Oklahoma.  Lots of google searching.

Drink more coffee, my eyes began to blur.

Create my business:

Copyright book

  • Library of Congress –
  • This was another process that I felt nervous about, but was very user friendly.  I’m a little (a lot) tech challenged so when I say it’s easy, it is. Answered basic questions, paid $35, and submitted document.

Everyday!  Edit!!


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