Christian Faith: A Logical Point of View – PART 1

Several years ago, while participating in a class at church I was encouraged to find someone who I disagreed with religiously and ask them questions and listen. Being a stay-at-home mom with preschoolers, I didn’t know anyone who fit that criteria. I went to the internet in search of a person to talk to.

I found a discussion forum called the Experience Project, giving people an opportunity to share their stories anonymously with the goal of finding out you aren’t as alone as you thought. Strangers encouraged one another by saying “me too” when they found something similar. Goodness people, some of you are dealing with some strange stuff, but more power to ya.

While searching the different topics I came across someone who said they could prove Jesus did not rise from the dead. This caught my attention.

Introducing someone who knows way more than me!

I clicked on his “experience” and read it all. He wasn’t crazy and had fairly good evidence. As a professor of history whose expertise was the first century, he knew his stuff. And, I didn’t. I was in well over my head. Thankfully, he enjoyed my questions. He was getting ready to publish a book on his findings and felt like my questions were helping him to strengthen his argument. Great for him, bad for me.

What he refused to see was, there were some serious holes in his theory. The more he couldn’t fill in those holes, the more my faith grew.

When I started, I believed that Jesus died and rose again, but I didn’t really know. And, I certainly couldn’t prove it. After spending several months with this man, I don’t just believe Jesus rose from the dead, I know He did!

I’d like to go on a journey for the next several weeks back through this conversation and show the evidence for my faith. If we share the same faith, then I hope it will encourage you. I want to hear your thoughts. If someone has presented to you something you don’t know how to counter share that with me and let’s tackle it together.
If you don’t share my faith, let me know.  Let’s discuss our differences and see what we can agree on.

Please make comments here on my blog. Or email them to me at

I’m excited and I hope you are too!

As always, with love

JJ Liniger

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4 thoughts on “Christian Faith: A Logical Point of View – PART 1

  1. How exciting. What is the frequency of posting this series? 1/week? Is this the only thing that will be posted, or will there be other posts sprinkled in?


    1. I hope to post twice a week. The hard part of recreating a conversation is that sometimes there are rabbit trails that seem awkward to recreate, but without them the proceeding Q&A doesn’t make as much sense. So, I’m trying to me as clear as I can be without the confusion. Thank you for your question!


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