Good Friday! Watch the LAMB

When explaining Jesus’ crucifixion it can be difficult with children because it is quite violent. I never wanted to take away the suffering Jesus endured, but I also do not want to traumatize my children. I found this song by Ray Boltz and illustrated by Eric J. Jeon to be a wonderful and impacting compromise. The only bright blood is on Jesus’s face from the thornes.


I started having my children watch this video every Good Friday since they were four and older.  The song is about a father with two young sons going to Jerusalem for Passover. They have a small lamb with them and the children are given the responsibility to watch the lamb so he doesn’t run away.


The father explains to them about Moses and Father Abraham, so I have included two additional videos to add further explanation.  As a parent you know how much information your child can handle at one time and still stay focused. If it isn’t much, then I would start with the Ray Boltz song and if they have further questions about Moses and Abraham then you can answer them.

There are times when Ray Boltz gets very quiet so I encourage my children not talk and listen. I always give them the chance to ask questions when the song is over.

I hope this tradition will bless your family as much as it has mine.

As always with Love

JJ Liniger



STORY OF ABRAHAM AND ISAAC: from Jesus Storybook Bible.


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