Beauty and the Beast 2017 REVIEW: Parent to Parent

As a child, there was something about the movie Beauty and the Beast that captured my attention and never let go.  The music and story truly is timeless and that has never been more fully illustrated than through the live adaptation now in theaters.  I’ve seen the movie, and I’m here to tell you if there is anything you really need to be concerned about.

When the first teaser trailer came out that mirrored the original perfectly, I was hooked.

It has been years since I have anxiously been looking forward to a movie coming out. For months, when commercials come on for the new Beauty and the Beast movie, my kids run to ME and tell me MY movie is showing.

Unfortunately, director Bill Condon had to make it public that LeFou would be Disney’s first gay character.  I described in detail my concerns in an earlier post. To sum up, I’m fine with the decision for LeFou to be gay.  In the original version there was an obvious “man crush” on Gaston so I do not feel it is a stretch for the character to make the leap to gay in the live adaptation.


However, for the first time, I felt the need to read trustworthy reviews on a PG Disney movie! (Grrrrr!!!)  That search took me to Plugged In. (Link provided below )  It’s a wonderful resource to parents and if you’ve never checked them out then you should.  The review made me feel confident enough to take my kids with me to the movie on opening day.  But, the review only gave the movie 2.5 stars out of 5 for family friendliness, mostly in response to Bill Condon’s words, which later he stated were blown out of proportion.

Spoiler Alert Below!

Bill Condon is right!!!  I saw the movie today with my gaydar on high alert, looking for any signs of LeFou’s coming out. It’s extremely subtle. Had I not been looking, I would’ve missed most of it.  I have said before, when a grown man is singing and dancing about how awesome another man is, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out he might be gay. With that said, in the flow of the song and movie’s progression it is obvious that Gaston and LeFou have a platonic friendship.  During the song, there is a moment with LeFou’s arms around Gaston.  LeFou asks “Too much?” Gaston answers “Yep!”

Image result for Lefou dance

But, what about that “exclusive gay scene”? Blink and you miss it.  However, since I was on high alert, I didn’t miss it.  When the angry town burst into the castle the Wardrobe, throws fabric on three men and dresses them as women.  Two of the men run in horror and the other man grins and strikes a pose. (Both my children laughed out loud) Later, after the curse is broken, the people celebrate as they are reunited with loved ones. A full dance number emerges.  LeFou is seen dancing with several ladies, then changes partners to another “woman” who is actually the man wearing women’s clothing that the wardrobe put on him. Lefou has a “lightbulb moment” look on his face. That’s it.

Other Family Friendly Concerns

  • The wolves in the movie are legit scary. My 8 and 9-year-old children huddled against me during these scenes.  There is no blood or gore of any kind, but they are very ferocious and appear on screen three separate times throughout the movie. Related image
  • The Beast is also scary.  I thought they handled it very well with most of his growling and anger heard and not seen.  My daughter still huddled close to me, my son was fine. Same as the movie, the Beast and Belle become friends rather quickly.  Image result for beauty and the beast wolves
  • The “kill the Beast” build up and attack is very intense. There is something about seeing real people with torches and pitchforks that make it more violent in nature.Beauty and the BeastOnce inside the house, it is funny seeing people fighting furniture, my children snickered a little.
  • The confrontation between Gaston and the Beast is nerve wrecking. The Beast has the option to drop Gaston to his death, but being the better “man” he throws Gaston to the side.  Later, Gaston shoots the Beast three times. Each blast is loud and magnifies the emotion of the moment.
  • After the last rose petal falls, the live pieces, Lumiere, Mrs. Potts, Chip, etc, all loose their life. Their faces disappear they become as Mrs. Potts put it in the movie “antiques.” It is well done and actually sad to see them “die.” Obviously, they come back to life as people, but the sad moment is powerful.

Concerns as a Christian

I really wish Bill Condon hadn’t said anything about LeFou’s sexual orientation.  It should have been left up to the viewer to decide and a strong argument could be said that LeFou admires Gaston since he was a higher ranking officer (Captain) and is just plain awesome and nothing to do with his man crush . But instead, it has been a stated as fact that LeFou is gay.

On the surface, I don’t care that LeFou is gay, but I do think it opens a troublesome window for future Disney movies. If a movie can have a known gay character and still be a blockbuster success what’s to keep them from taking that agenda further? Nothing.

Disney is not a Christian company, therefore, I do not feel it is fair to hold them to Christian standards.  A situation like this is complicated and there is no way for me to tell you what you should do. Pray about it.  Then go see this movie because it’s awesome!!


Plugged in Movie Review –






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