Valentine’s Day is Awesome!

My family does not have many traditions. However, we know how to do Valentine’s Day right!!  From as far back as I can remember, we have always celebrated V-Day as a family. We sat around the formal dining room table and ate fried chicken and sides served on beautiful platters.


One of my first sewing projects was to make cloth napkins with tiny hearts on it for this occasion.  While at dinner, we gave one gift to each family member, said what we love about each other (warm fuzzies) and read scriptures about God’s love for us.

Even when at college and then later with families of our own, my brother and I still wish each other a Happy V-Day and send warm fuzzies to each other and our parents.

It was later in life when I learned that my mother actually bought the entire meal at KFC and transferred them to fancy dishes.  She is one smart lady! I have sense carried on that same tradition with my family.


The meal is never the same, but always something easy that doesn’t require a lot of prep work because it IS V-Day and I don’t want to spend it in the kitchen.

The main course is usually Stouffer’s Lasagna, Bertolli Pasta, or steak.  There is an appetizer of salad and something baked (and store bought) and dessert is usually cheesecake or brownies.

One year, the holiday happen to fall on a weekend.  We made it a full day event with picnic at the park for lunch.10993404_10152997228708971_5771905682790307365_n

Then the fancy dinner later that evening. The table is set with my china and goblets to drink from.  10325646_10152997228393971_2809534810107558798_n

It breaks my heart to think that single people (especially women) hate V-Day. I encourage you to take a holiday directed at romance and turn it into family love.

Questions and Answers:

  • What if my children are too young? —  I have done this with my children since they were as young as two-years-old and they have never broken my china or goblets. They know this is a special occasion and even at very young age were careful and want to show they are growing up.
  • What if my child has a boyfriend or girlfriend? — While this never happened in my family, if this were the case with my children I would invite the boyfriend/girlfriend to join us, however the focus would remain a family event.
  • What if this is my only chance to get a date from my husband or wife? — Seriously?  That needs to change! Spending time with your significant other should happen more than on scheduled events (holidays and anniversary).

If you have any other questions or comments, please leave them!

As always, with love

JJ Liniger



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