How to: Make a Heart Shaped Braid

If you know how to French braid then you can do this very simple braid that looks really hard and impressive.  I will break it down into several steps and I have multiple pictures along the way.

All braids work best with wet hair.  If you’ve ever tried to follow a braid guide and at the end yours has hair flying in all directions but the model’s hair looks perfect, the odds are the model had wet hair and yours was dry.  When hair is wet, the hairs naturally cling to one another which makes for a much better presentation.

When dealing with wet hair I always put a towel around her shoulders and ask her to hold it so she doesn’t get wet during the process.  This will take 10-20 minutes to finish and so I usually have her watch TV or be on her computer to keep her head as still as possible, but she has the squirmy wormies just like every other kid.

STEP ONE: Comb the hair out completely. 20170210_161037.jpg

STEP TWO: Pull the hair back into a smooth ponytail in the middle of her head. 20170210_161414.jpg

STEP THREE: Divide the ponytail in half from top to bottom and secure the top half with bobby pins or a clip. I use a clip because I am bobby pin challenged, but either will work fine. Then divide the hair again in half like doing pigtails, and secure one side with a hair tie.20170210_162121-1.jpg

STEP FOUR: Begin on the loose side, on the top, and start a small braid and add additional hair on the outside with very thin pieces.  20170210_162237.jpg

In the picture, above, I directed the braid to the front so you could see it for the picture but you do want the braid to follow the heart shape so I stand to the side of her head because that is the direction it should go. While creating the top of the heart only add hair from the outside, not the inside. 20170210_162443.jpg

STEP FIVE: Once you have the heart as wide as you want it, then start adding hair from the bottom and the top, until the hair from the top runs out, then only add hair from the bottom. 20170210_162542.jpg

It was at this stage, below, that I ran out of hair on the top and then only brought in additional hair from the bottom. It’s important to remember to add a small amount of new hair each time, about 2-3cm in width.20170210_162722.jpg

It’s important to visualize the heart as you braid so that you pull it tight.  And slowly grow the heart shape down.20170210_162830-1.jpg

STEP SIX: Once you have reached the end of the hair or you have decided the heart is long enough then secure the braid with a band. I use the one holding the other side because that is where I am going to next, but if you find it easier to use a new band that is fine too. 20170210_163109.jpg

STEP SEVEN: Then do the exact same thing on the other side. Begin on the loose side on the top and start a small braid and add additional hair on the outside with very thin pieces. 20170210_163210.jpg Notice the width of the hair, it is very small sections of hair that you add to the braid, from the outside only. 20170210_163405.jpg

From this point, above, I began adding hair from the front and back. 20170210_163445.jpg

Slowly, make the body of the heart.20170210_163636.jpg

Keep going down until the length of this side matches the same length on the other side of the heart. 20170210_163816.jpg


STEP EIGHT: Once the two sides of the heart match in length then secure them with a hair band. I use the same one that was holding the other side, but you could use two if that is easier.20170210_164116.jpg


STEP NINE: Then remove the clip or bobby pins at the top. 20170210_164143.jpg

On the back part of the clip I have had hair get tangled and then it hurts trying to get it out, so just make sure there is no hair blocking it’s exit and it should slide right out.20170210_164203.jpg

STEP TEN: Then you are done!  20170210_164223.jpg

Sometimes I will pull on either side of the heart at the base of the ponytail to give each side more distinction, but that is all! 20170210_164302.jpg



At the  base of the heart I will sometimes add a small bow or tiny heart clip to hide the bands, but nothing to big, because you want the heart to be the main focus.

The other thing that is really fun about the duo is that when you take out the braids the hair is really crimpy!  I love getting two hair styles in one!​ (Yes, I redo the pony tail but I do not brush it out, just smooth the hair.)

Supplies Needed: Brush, Hair clip or bobby pins, 2-4 hair bands, optional tiny bow or heart clip

If you give it a shot, I’d love to see how it turns out, post a picture in the comments. Thanks!

As always, with love,

JJ Liniger


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