How To: Turning Jeans From Blah to Wow in Less Than an Hour

Typically, when it comes to craft projects, I purchase the necessary items and then decide my “creation” would only be appropriate for the “nailed it” section of pinterest.  I chunk the evidence away and then have to go out and buy what I had tried to create.  But, not this time!20170210_140925.jpg

A great thank you is needed to the bedazzler my daughter picked up at a garage sale for 50 cents. It has been really fun to spruce up some everyday clothing.

My daughter has a father/daughter dance TODAY!  The theme is denim and diamonds. So what did I do, TODAY? I added some bling to her jeans.

Being Valentine’s related, I decided to go with hearts. I am not artistic and would not have been able to draw a symmetrical heart to save my life.  Enter, the cookie cutter.  If you all only use cookie cutters for dough, you are missing out! 20170209_210735.jpg

I used three different size hearts. The multiple sizes helps a lot if you happen to not place the stud exactly right, with all the hearts being different it will trick the eye into thinking the differences are on purpose.

With the cookie cutter in place, I carefully pressed the tip of my washable marker around the inside of the cutter. You could use anything to make these dots, but I prefer a washable marker in case I change my mind AND I use a color similar to the material I am using so that when I accidentally miss the dot when punching in the stud the mark is not very noticeable. 20170209_210745.jpg

I know I said you could do this project in less than an hour, and you can, but when placing the beads, it is worth it to take your time and make sure the bedazzler tool is lined up exactly where you want it before puncturing the bead through the material.

With the theme revolving around diamonds, I used more of the silver beads and I found that I liked the look very much. My daughter wanted all the other beads to be either red or pink, but I convinced her to use yellow and green in the smaller heart so her jeans would still match everything. 20170209_210755.jpg

Those who have used a bedazzler before, I hear you saying, “Yes, it looks great, but the back of the studs annoy and itch the skin they are pressed against.” And you are absolutely right!  Enter, transfer paper.

Before this step, make sure that the beads have punched completely through the material and look exactly the way you want them to look. For mine, some of the clamps on the beads didn’t fully go through the denim so I had to push them through, and for some I had the opposite and it went through the back and poked out the front again. Therefore, I had to pull those out a little.

Also should note…  Make sure you don’t bedazzle the pockets of your jeans shut the way that I did. I was able to carefully pull the pocket free from the beads, but some to watch out for before heading to the next step. 20170210_134903.jpg

With a laser printer and some transfer paper purchased at Walmart, I was able to make t-shirts for my family’s trip to Disney World.  I saved the random scraps of paper because I felt like they could be useful for something and I was right. I was able to iron them on the inside of the jeans and now it doesn’t feel rough or scratch my daughter’s skin while wearing them. 20170210_134855.jpg

If you create some of your own bedazzled looks, please comment and share them with me. I’d love to see what you were able to create!

Supplies: Bedazzler and beads, cookie cutters, washable marker, transfer paper.

My finished project:


As always, with love

JJ Liniger


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