Character Meetings at Disney

Most of our Character meetings were during the meals.  Our first experience was Cinderella, Prince Charming, the step mother and two step sisters at the Floridian hotel. All of the actors were lovely and did a wonderful job of staying in character.  20170126_192747.jpgWe had t-shirts for them to sign and the step mother taught the children how to hold the shirts properly.  One of the step sisters said “It was so nice of you to meet me!” LOL. Cinderella gave special attention to a special needs child in the table next to us which was super sweet. Prince Charming was the only picture of that evening that the boys also decided to be in the picture. Everything was handled very graciously.  (On a funny note, Prince Charming signed my boob, lol)

At Epcot we decided to stand in line to meet BayMax and Joy and Sadness.  BayMax was not able to do signatures and therefore his line went dramatically faster.  We waited just over an hour for Joy and Sadness and then learned that they could not sign our shirts if we are wearing them (even on our back).  So we experienced both joy and great sadness with that lesson.

We waited just over an hour for Joy and Sadness and then learned that they could not sign our shirts if we are wearing them (even on our back).  So we experienced both joy and great sadness with that lesson.

At the Crystal Palace in Magic Kingdom we met Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore, and Tigger.  Characters with headgear do not talk (with the exception of Star Wars characters which I will get to later). It was still fun.  Piglet was shy and Tigger bounced around.  My mother is quite the Pooh fan and loved the meet and greet.

At Hollywood studios, the Storm Troopers walk around and stay very much in character which make it difficult to get pictures with (gotta move fast).  20170129_122117.jpgThere were 10-20 min. lines to meet Chewbacca and Kylo Ren.  Chewbacca had an animated voice and did the usually Chewbacca noises, making him seem more real (I’m not sure why they cannot do the same with the other hooded characters). Kylo Ren had the same prerecorded voice and wanted the kids to come to the dark sign.  He is quite intimidating.  The family was so caught up in meeting these “real” characters that they forgot about signing t-shirts.  They felt like they probably would have had they remembered to ask.

Our last character greeting was at Tusker House at Animal Kingdom. There we met Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy, and MICKEY MOUSE! The characters were super fun, but as I have said they do not talk.  I asked Goofy if he had a last name and he shook his head. Daisy Duck would give kisses to the kids on their cheeks and Goofy is quite tall and lanky which made a very young child next to us nervous. All of the characters have an escort who walks with them and would help the signing of the t-shirts.  She also took a group picture of all ten of us around Mickey Mouse.  wp-1486174569877.jpegWhile this post is not about food, I feel like I should mention that we did not care for the food at the Tusker House at all and if meeting these characters are important to you than I suggest a character meeting at the park rather than this dining experience.

20170203_201116.jpgSigning T-shirts vs. autograph books.  All of the characters and escorts were gracious about signing the t-shirts without any problems, but it was obviously more of a hassle than simply having an autograph books.  For me I felt like the t-shirts were worth the hassle, but I think for other members of the family they felt like an autograph book would have been better.  Our t-shirts were dark blue and so silver sharpie worked best (actually I bought sharpie brand and off brand and the off brand worked better than the sharpie).

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