Dining at Disney 

We were a group of 10, six adults and four kids (though one kid counted as an adult) with diverse taste in foods. We chose the one quick service, one dinner and two snacks and felt it was plenty of food. We all had extra snacks at the end of our trip for the drive home.

For breakfast we usually had a large muffin (easily could be shared), pastry (the donuts at Epcot were as large as their face), yogurt parfait, and cinnamon roll,  which each counted as a snack. The coffee at our hotel (All Star Movie) wasn’t very good but there are Starbucks throughout all the parks that would also be a snack. I used a five hour energy drink for my caffeine fix.  On the last day we had an extra quick service meal (from the first day) and decided to eat at our hotel. It was just after 8am and surprisingly crowded.  We struggled to find seating for 10, I don’t see how this would be possible in the busy season. The food was good, but not spectacular (but then again breakfast isn’t really my thing). The Mickey shape waffles were super fun!

Other favorite snack options included:

  • Coconut Creme ice cream bar
  • Mickey Mouse ice cream bar had very good quality chocolate
  • In Magic Kingdom in the ice cream parlor you could get a fresh made waffle cone and two scoops of ice cream.
  • There was also a flat chip/pretzel and hummus dip
  • Small salad
  • Sliced fruit
  • Chip and Dale Trail Mix was a great option.

For the quick service meal, make sure you ask before going in if it is a sit down place or a quick service. Most of the time the first place we tried wasn’t a quick service location. That was a little annoying, but not worth paying for the larger meal plan. I should also note that the places do not open until 11 am.

Also, all quick service meals are charged the same so if a child would rather have the normal menu rather than the kids that is fine, but the serving portions were quite large.With a quick service meal, seating is not guaranteed. My husband often finished either the kids food or my dad’s without these options he would not have had enough food. To my knowledge he was the only member of the family who had this issue.

All of the food was good, but we all had personal favorites.

  • At Epcot I really liked the French food. I had a chicken and pesto sandwich and substituted my drink for creme brulee. Others in the group had shawarma from Morocco and enjoyed it. Finding a place to sit can be quite difficult at Epcot.
  • At Hollywood Studios we had classic burgers and fries which were delicious.
  • At Animal Kingdom some choose a sandwich and others pizza, both options were very good.
  • At Magic Kingdom we choose breakfast at Bells castle with the Be Our Guest. The atmosphere was amazing but it was the only quick meal we didn’t think tasted very good. The kids ordered crepes which were not good, the best was the basic eggs, bacon, sausage, the children’s French toast was good and so were the complementary pastries. I had the open face sandwich and liked it my sister in law had the same and didn’t like it.

For the sit down meals they all had an 18% gratuity added to it. In hindsight that should have been expected with a party of ten but, caught me by surprise. It was an additional $20-30 for each bill (for 2 adults and 2 children).

For the sit down meals we choose the Cinderella buffet located at the Grand Floridian hotel. It was nice to see another hotel. We wore jeans and nice shirts and felt very comfortable and saw many adorable little princesses. This was the nicest meal we went to. The tables were more elegant and the food was all fantastic. It is famous for its strawberry soup, and was very yummy. The actors playing Cinderella, Prince Charming, the step mother and two step sisters were wonderful at staying in character. We had t-shirts for them to sign which they did graciously.

At Epcot we at in Japan. It was a nice change to have a server and order from a menu. All our food was prepared in front of us on a hibachi grill. It was very good.

At Hollywood Studios we ate at the sci-fi dine in theater. We sat inside cars like at a drive in theater and watched short movies. Many of them were in black and white (the exception being Tom and Jerry). The movies weren’t that exciting but still held the kids attention (age 8-10). They could really use some updating on the movie options. We had milkshakes for our drink and ate steak, bbq ribs, (I don’t recommend the chicken it was very bland), and classic burger and fries. For dessert we choose cheesecake to go because we were so full.

At Magic Kingdom we at the Crystal Palace and met Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, and Eeyore. Tigger was the most in character, but should mention that none of them speak. Eeyore was there when we got there and then disappeared, he reappeared as we were ready to leave and started on the other side of the restaurant so we decided not to wait. That was the only time we didn’t meet a character present. The restaurant was another buffet and had a nice assortment.  I don’t remember anything spectacular but had several very good options.

At Animal Kingdom we ate at Tusker House. It was the only dinner we did not enjoy. The food had a lot of curry and was spicy. I ate the rotisserie chicken and mac n cheese from the kids area. It tasted good but not what I wanted from a $100 meal. I was told the salmon and pork was excellent but were the only dish others enjoyed. The characters we met was  Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy, and MICKEY MOUSE! They were wonderful and certainly the high light of the night. At the end they gather all the kids and have a mini parade throughout the restaurant. Due to the disappointing food if meeting these characters are important to you then I would recommend a character meeting at the park rather than this particular experience. I would recommend the Rain Forest Cafe over this dining experience.

Over all the snacks, quick service meals, and dinners were wonderful. The portions were high quality. Without a meal plan the snacks were $4-6 each, quick meals were $12-18 each, and dinners were about $55 adult and $27 for children.

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