Lessons from Disney part 5 – ANIMAL KINGDOM

Today, we went to Animal Kingdom. We learned from our previous days to arrive early.

We started with the show Its Tough to be a Bug. It was a 3 d show with some air affects and a really cool ending (I won’t spoil it). Due to it being about bugs there were some scary scenes with spiders (a boy behind us freaked out and my youngest (8 years old) was a little scared at times but handled it fine).

We skipped the spinning triceratops in favor of the Dinowhril. There are several in the family who get car sick and weren’t sure about this ride, but we all enjoyed it and because we were early we were able to ride it twice. It was a little jerky and would spin you twice before straightening up and spin again. It wasn’t constantly spinning which was good.

Then we made it to mount Everest ride. We had a fastpass for it but the line was short so we decided to stand in line and then use the pass afterwards and ride it twice.The line was actually really neat. It had a detailed museum all about the Yeti and different accounts of sightings for the creature. I recommend going through the line if it is not too long of a wait. The girls chose not to ride it again. I road it twice and the boys used the girl’s bands to ride it a third time. Most of the drops are a curve drop rather than a sudden fall. We went backwards at one point and had curves and was dark but no drops. The largest drop was when we went forward again, but still curved quickly. I’m not really a rollercoaster person, but I enjoyed the ride.

Then we went on the safari ride. That is the way to look at animals! After so many days of walking, it was great to be able to sit and enjoy the view. Animals were on both sides. It really did feel like We were seeing them in there natural habitat, compared to a zoo where the animals are in a fake natural cage, here there was much more open space for them to roam freely. (There were cattle guards and other methods to keep the animals separate, but weren’t very visible)

We exited the safari at the gorilla exhibit. This portion felt more zoolike however bigger to fit about 5 gorillas. They roamed about which was fascinating. One carried its blankey with it, I’d love to hear the story about why it has a lovey.

Then we had lunch. Some chose sandwiches and others pizza. We learned that quick service meals are all the same, so a child could order from the adult menus if they wanted. The dinners were the only time it mattered if they were children or adults. This would have been good information to have sooner, but wouldn’t have changed much for us. The children’s portions were plenty of good quality food.

After lunch we used our last fastpass for the Lion King show. It was a fantastic live performances. It was a mini version of the Broadway style showmanship. wp-image-768719887jpg.jpeg

My brother really enjoyed the difference  of this being performers rather than impressive screens. There are other live performances available if that is something important to your family.

Then, we had just over three hours until our dinner reservations and felt like we saw the best of what the park had to offer so we decided to return to the hotel to let the kids swim and the adults rest. It was a beautiful sunny day and therefore a great decision.

We all came to the same conclusion that Animal Kingdom is the least impressive of the other parks. It would make a great middle of the week park to let your body rest or ending like we did, but if you are looking for a grand finale this park would NOT be it.

For dinner we ate at the Tusker House where we met Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy, and MICKEY MOUSE!  The characters were fantastic! None of them speak but gave great hugs and Daisy gives kisses on their cheeks. Goofy is really tall and lanky and made some very young kids a little nervous. At the end they gathered all the kids and had a mini parade through the restaurant. Unfortunately, the food was not very good with lots of curry and spicy dishes. I was told the salmon was delicious and it looked good (I don’t like any fish). For the adults we did not enjoy this meal. If meeting these characters are important, I would recommend a character meeting at the parks rather than this particular experience.

I feel like our last day was not the best but it didn’t diminish the overall experience. We made memories that we will carry with us for a lifetime.

What we learned:

1. Animal Kingdom is the most relaxing and slower paced of all the parks. With that said, I still took 21,000 steps on my fitbit.

2. That all quick service meals are the same, you do not have to choose the kid’s menu if yours would rather have an adult meal. However, I should note the kid’s meals have plenty of food.

3. I had a dear friend reply to my blog to inform me that if you miss your fast pass they will still let you on as long as you arrive within an hour of your appointment. I never even considered this option, but brings me back to a previous point ASK! I did think of asking what happens if we miss it and then forgot to do so.

4. There are gift shops everywhere and of course the kids want everything. I would take a picture of what they wanted and the price and look up to see if it was a good deal. Sometimes it actually was and other times not so much. Most of the time once we left the shop they completely forgot about it and if they didn’t I knew where to find it.

5. From our first day we had an extra quick service meal and used it for breakfast before leaving. It was nice to start a long journey home on a full stomach. We also had extra snacks and were able to load up that morning for our trip home.

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