Lessons from Disney part 4 – HOLLYWOOD STUDIO

Today, we went to Hollywood Studios. As a family we have everything from the intense Star Wars fan to one who really doesn’t like the movies. We arrived early on a rainy day and we were not alone. Immediately, we signed up for the Jedi training for the four kids because it is not available for fast passes and you have to sign up that day. There are limited spots available.

The Journey of a Jedi is a great ten minute highlight of all seven movies, well worth seeing. During the Star Tour, those who get car sick were badly affected. We rode it twice and on the second round, one family member would have lost his lunch had he eaten any.  (Even after throwing up, this was still one of my husband’s favorite rides!) Dramamine is a must.

Then we did the Muppet show. The 3 d effects are great. It looked like it was taking place on top of the row in front of me. The kids would reach out and try to touch the special effects. Like any Muppet show it is super silly and fun for the family.

Then we divided and the ladies saw the voyage of the little mermaids. It was a fun retelling of the movie with puppets, live actors, and animatronics.


The guys went to Indiana Jones stunt spectacular, it was raining so they could only do half of the show, but still enjoyed learning how movies are made.

The ladies stumbled across the empire march and saw storm troopers doing a formation. It was cool and while trying to get a picture of my niece with the trooper, he pointed at me and said “you, out!” it was super funny.

We gathered back together to see a great presentation of many Star Wars characters, called galaxy far far away. Disney does such a wonderful job with mixing watching screen, live performances and special effects.

Then we went on the Hollywood movies ride. It was interesting look at how movies have changed throughout the years. For us it made us miss our next fastpass so that was disappointing, but the Hollywood ride is still worth going on. Note, it is a twenty minute ride.

We actually divided again, where three kids did the Jedi training and the youngest is not a Star Wars fan so we road the Toy Story Mania. It was a good choice for my family. The Jedi training performance was really fun. Half of the group fought Darth Vader and the other half fought Seven Sister, a  character from Star Wars Rebels. My family was in the second group. It was fun, but I didn’t know who they were battling.

Then we went on the Star Wars Launch tour. It had a special behind the scenes video of producers and directors of Rogue One and Force Awakens. It nice to know they are also huge fans. One of them made the comment that he thought it was amazing that kids today have so much awesomeness to choose from. While he was talking about Star Wars, I think it represents all of Disney perfectly.

Afterwards, we divided again. Some wanted to remain to see movie paraphernalia and character meeting and others left for Beauty and the Beast live on stage. I am a huge fan of that movie and completely enjoyed the show. I always wondered how they would do Be Our Guest live and it did not disappoint!20170129_161147.jpg

For those who stayed at the Star Wars Launch they had very manageable lines (10-20 min) for character greetings.  The actors were great and stayed in character. They met Chewbacca and he was friendly and messed with their hair. The other character was Kylo Ren, he was a little intimidating and wanted them to join the dark side.

Then we rode the Toy Story ride again (because it is awesome!) and then had dinner at the sci-fi dine in theater. This was the first time we were about five minutes late for our dinner reservations, it did not make a difference. Each evening we have waited about 15-25 min for our table to be ready (we are a party of 10). Our meal was served in cars, like a drive in theater! There were many short movies we watched while eating. We had milk shakes for our drinks and steak, bbq ribs, or grilled chicken (or the classic burger and fries). We chose to have our desert  to go because we were so full.

That evening was the best night show of the week. The Star Wars Galactic Spectacular was no joke, amazing. I tried to record it and it was so large I couldn’t get it all! There were three large screens. The show told a story across all the screens and had fireworks and other special effects coordinated. My youngest is not a Star Wars fan and she said it was “two thumbs cool”.  It was spectacular ending to a great day.

What we learned:

1. While we tried to organize our day to not do so much walking, it was a much smaller park so it wasn’t as bad going from one side to another. (I still took over 25,000 steps)

2. If you get car sick dramamine is a must! There are multiple stimulating 3d rides that feel very realistic.

3. Toy Story Mania is a must ride for all ages, unless your little one is too small to aim at targets.

4. Ask someone where is the best place to be for the night shows. We had great “seats” (we sat on the ground until it started and everyone watched standing). We also asked when at Epcot and had a great night experience. We did not ask at Magic Kingdom and it was terrible!

5. For the most part the cups we received with our meal plan has been basically useless because we are not supposed to use them at the park. At Hollywood Studios they had self serve drink dispensers so it is an option to refill them yourself. Technically, that is against the rules, but I’ll let you be your own moral compass on what you decide is fair.

There will be more to come, so stay tuned!

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4 thoughts on “Lessons from Disney part 4 – HOLLYWOOD STUDIO

  1. Hi Julie! I’m enjoying reading your Disney experience blogs! 🙂 Our favorite place. 🙂 I notice that you have said something about missing fast pass windows- just so you know, they will usually still let you on the ride, even if you miss the window, especially if you’re within an hour of your time window. Not sure how long you’ll be there, but we might run into you later this week if you’re there all week. 🙂 if you have any questions for someone who’s done this a lot of times, you can email me at ebirving@gmail.com 🙂 EB


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