Lessons from Disney part 2 – EPCOT

For our second day we went to Epcot. It was amazing! Everything we did didn’t just meet my expectations but exceeded them. Each ride was unique and exciting. The best part is, I don’t believe a wrong choice can be made.

We especially enjoyed the Test Speed track! Being able to design the cars were cool and then the race itself was fast and fun.

For Mission Space, half of us went on the milder version (team green) and we really enjoyed it. We had movement and excitement but not too much. For the higher version (orange team) we had mixed opinion, some felt it was too much force (especially those with car sickness issues, green team is what you want).

The ladies waited 85 min for Ellsa Enchanted Tales ride, it was really amazing (unless a frozen fan not worth the wait).To use a fast pass it must be scheduled two months in advance, which is worth doing.

The guys enjoyed virtual hang gliding and another Test Track and enjoyed both very much.

For dinner we ate in Japan. For lunch we found tables in Monaco and ate French food. There is not good seating at this park so sit wherever it is available.

After dinner we stayed for the illumination show. As long as you have a good view of the water in the center then you will enjoy the show. Obviously, the closer you are too the exit the more crowded it will be which could make viewing more difficult.

What we learned:

1. If you want t-shirts signed you CANNOT be wearing them. We waited over an hour for Joy and Sadness and experience both joy and sadness when we learned this.

2. Arrive early, they are not joking about getting more and more crowded throughout the day.

3. Space out your fastpasses at least two hours between. They are a blessing and a curse. Great because you can get in fast, but makes you feel rushed to get from place to place unless spread out.

4. Take the needed time to familiarize yourself with the map. There is not a single ride that we did not thoroughly enjoy. We often had to walk back to where we just were. I wore a fitbit and took over 28,000 steps!

5. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of benches or comfortable places to sit. Being there, 9 am – 9 pm, we were exhausted! However, the illumination show is completely worth staying for!

Stay tuned, more is yet to come!

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