Lessons from Disney part 1 – First Day

Each day I plan to share what we learned from our adventures.  We arrived yesterday about 2 pm, we had park tickets and scheduled our first fast pass for 3:20. That was a mistake, it made us feel very rushed and trying to navigate ten people who didn’t know where they were going proved to be complicated.

We made it to our second pass for Buzz Lightyear laser ride. It was super fun! Afterwards we had a 50 min wait for space mountain. My youngest decided not to ride, so we did another activity and then had a dance party with Mr. Incredible. We had another fast pass option but chose to skip it to not be late for dinner.

We ate at the grand floridian hotel, Cinderella dinner. There were met her, Prince Charming, the evil step mother and two step sisters.

 The actors did a wonderful job staying in character.

We wanted to go swimming when we returned to the hotel to swim, but it was closed. The hotel gave us an extra fastpass since we were disappointed, which was really sweet.

We have learned so far:

1. Have more  time between fast passes, one hour is not enough time.

2. Plan for two hours for sit down meal. Be prepared to pay 18% tip. The meal plan is well worth it, the two meals and two snacks is plenty.

3. Character meeting lines are twice as long when they offer autographs than picture only (the length of the lines were the same, but the wait is longer).

4. Ask! We got cool Mickey Mouse straws because we asked. And that is why we got an extra fast pass, because we asked about the swimming pool hours.

5. I’m torn on whether it was good for us to have park tickets the first day. We didn’t see a lot, but what we did was awesome!

Stay tuned, there will be more updates!

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