Dimes for Disney. Does it work?

Over a year ago, we made the decision to plan a trip to Disney World. I saw a post suggesting if you filled a two liter soda bottle with dimes it could pay for one person’s expenses (about 500$). It sounded like a fun way for my kids to help save.

I had one bottle of soda and a large juice container and decided to use them. The soda bottle only fits dimes, not the other coins. Curious if it would be better to only save dimes vs other coins, I placed dimes in the one container and all other coins in the fruit juice bottle.

To avoid having to answer “Are we going to Disney, today?” everyday for a year, I told both kids we would go once their bottles were full. The kids immediately gathered coins and rolled up extra birthday and chore money into the containers.

The kids loved having a place to save their money. Though the containers did not get full, I would recommend the technique to others.  However, I would suggest the juice bottle that can hold all types of coins because when it was time to count the money, it had almost five times the amount of dimes only.

I hope to post about my trip and find what works and what would be better to avoid. Stay tuned!  (This is my first entry to do completely from my phone, let me know if it looks okay.)

As always, with Love

J J Liniger

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