NaNoWriMo Challenge COMPLETED!

I participated in a challenge to write a novel from start to finish in the month of November with a total of 50,000 words.


I did the same challenge last year and wrote my story Poisoned. The process was really hard for me, I felt like I was literally writing ALL THE TIME! I carried a notebook with me and every pause was filled with writing.  Then, I started the editing process and one year later I had a completed, well written book.

I decided I enjoyed the pace and process so I would do it again. This year I decided on a light hearted topic: The Fall of Satan (insert sarcasm).  The story is called, I AM LUCIFER.

Would God really create an adversary on purpose?  Apparently.  When Lucifer left heaven he took 1/3 of the angels with him.  What kind of personality would it take to persuade those who have been in the presence of God to leave Him?  What did Satan say to convince these heavenly creatures that he had a better plan?  Follow the journey Lucifer takes from light to dark and watch God’s plan unravel as evil triumphs over good (or so Satan thinks it does).

This time, the writing process came much easier.  I  stayed ahead of schedule (until Thanksgiving, but I was far enough ahead to enjoy the holiday and my family).  I was able to get the words needed in about 3-4 hours each day and then be able to spend the rest of the time not as stressed out.

Until, I reached the end of my outline. I wrote the last chapter at 31k and in 14 days.  Which is really awesome and some extremely fast writing.  But it left me with a huge problem.  I was seriously short on word count AND I had the time left in the month to keep writing.

So, I went back through the story and filled out scenes and added as much as I could to the story (including an epic battle scene, it’s pretty awesome). I stretched and stretched the story all the way to 49,000 words.

I had two days left of the contest.

I could have simply wrote something random to get the needed 1000 words, but I was confident it would be immediately edited back out. I also had 1400 words that I had written in the month of November for this blog.

I asked my other friends who were also doing the contest if I should write something random for the 1k or use my blog postings.  They unanimously agreed I should use my blog posts.

So, I wanted to thank you all for helping me to reach this goal.  Without you, my completed story would not have ended on such a strong note.  For each person who comments and/or shares this post, I will give with you the first chapter of: I AM LUCIFER.  Thank you!

As always, with Love

JJ Liniger



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