Disappointing Donuts



Disappointing Donuts.

I was planning to have comments regarding the election results from a diverse group of people, but I don’t really feel that is appropriate.  My eight-year-old daughter was able to experience voting for the first time.  She had to choose between a cupcake and donuts.  Icing ultimately received her vote and she went with cupcakes.  To her great disappointment, donuts won.  Not only did she NOT receive a scrumptious treat (of any kind!!), but those with the winning votes got to add chocolate sauce and sprinkles to their glazed deliciousness.

She was devastated.  This girl loves her sweets!  To compensate we out to Krispy Creme and not only got one hot right off the conveyor belt, but were able to select two free donuts to take home.  If cupcakes had won, she would have already had her treat and we wouldn’t have had this experience together. To brighten her mood it didn’t take a lot of effort and I understand it will take much more to lift the souls of those hurting today.  

I’m hopefully using a light-hearted illustration to serve a bigger purpose.  The greatest problem with democracy is that we don’t ALL get what we want.  We have to learn to adapt and pick ourselves back up.  

Sometimes, being a Christian is hard, especially when making decisions that affect other people.  I experienced this the first time in 2004.  That year George W. Bush wanted a second term and the people of Oklahoma voted on marriage to be between and man and woman.  The day after elections I was stoked!  I sung every patriotic song and hymn imaginable.

Until, I arrived at work.  There I had a boss who’s Muslim husband felt scared.  And the lesbian couple felt like second class citizens.  It hurt that my vote had caused them pain.  In response, many Christians vote outside of their morals to be a better “neighbor” to those around them.  It’s an honorable decision, but not one I am able to get on board with.  

Before God, I am responsible for my decisions, not the feelings of others.  However, to those people I want to say, “I’m sorry.”  To those who wanted the glass ceiling to be broken, I want that, too.  Someday.

With a heavy heart, I say: As always, with Love,

JJ Liniger


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