I did it! I voted!

Who did I vote for?  None of your business!  Hehehe!!  My greatest fear is that I would reenact the anguish depicted in the clip from 3rd Rock from the Sun.

After waiting in line for three hours, I made my final decisions.  I felt good about it.  I also really enjoyed breaking my fast with the help of cherry cheesecake shake, fries, and chicken strips. It was delicious!

My daughter is getting to vote at school between a cupcake and donut.  There was a presentation of pros and cons of each and she decided firmly on cupcakes.  (For the first time she might be disappointed about donuts, but that is for a separate blog post in the future).  I told her my choices were more along the lines of a leech or a rattlesnake.  She paused and thought about it and said I should pick the rattlesnake.  (Then asked me which one was the rattlesnake, lol)

Now, in all seriousness.  I struggled on what was best for my country and my witness.  I don’t have any regrets nor shame for how I voted, but I honestly feel like it is okay for it to remain private.  For it to be a decision between you and God.

I mentioned this on a friend’s facebook page and another friend disagreed.  I would love to know your thoughts and feelings on the subject.

For those bursting with curiosity (my mother and brother), I wanted to say how I voted.  I voted straight party republican with one exception and that was President.   My concern was the my pride would keep me from obedience.  Luckily, I’m in a State which I am very confident will go towards Trump therefore my vote was not really needed.

I felt like I can support the principals of the republican party through the other branches of government.  In every previous election the character of the person matters.  This morning, I watched TV and no surprise there was a plethora of campaign messages.

Donald Trump’s messages were angry and bitter.  Saying almost nothing positive.  In contrast, Hillary Clinton’s campaign showed how awesome she is and proud of her many years of service.  It was clearly night and day from each other.


My final decision maker was looking up LUKE 10 and reading the verses above.  Which candidate would be a better neighbor?  Which would treat others more kindly?  The contrast couldn’t have been more clear and with that, my decision was made.

As always, with Love

JJ Liniger




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