I will NOT vote for … but what if I should?


I will NOT vote for … but what if I should?

Written by: JJ Liniger

Edited by: Quinn Cameron

I seriously cannot believe that election day approaches and I still do not know who I will vote for. It’s probably not a great surprise that I like neither my Republican option, nor my Democratic one. Honestly, my level of dislike for both candidates is about equal. I don’t have a strong feeling of which is better or worse, but I feel like I should have a strong opinion on the matter.

Right now, my greatest concern is that my pride will keep me from doing what God wants me to do. I find it hard to believe that two Christians can pray earnestly to God and one be directed towards Trump while the other is directed to Hillary. It doesn’t make sense, and feels like one of these imaginary people would not be doing what God wants. If someone can please point me to a verse that would justify God giving two people completely different answers for the exact same question, I would greatly appreciate it.

We are told to pray for our leaders. We are told to obey and submit to them. We are privileged to be able to take part in the selection process and, clearly, God wants us to seek His council and make wise decisions.

I’d like to ask those who have already made their choice as well as those undecided to join me on a two day fast, the Monday before elections as well as Tuesday. If you’re comfortable, please comment and share with me what God lays on your heart.

I told a friend about me doing this and one of her first questions was, “What do I consider a fast?” I gave an answer and, due to dietary reasons, she couldn’t do that. So, now my answer is: it doesn’t matter the specifics. That’s between you and God.

The first time I fasted for elections was in 2000. I decided to fast until the results were given, with the assumption that would be soon after the last poll closed. By the end of the day, I was starving and staring down some pizza just waiting and waiting and waiting. I learned a valuable lesson about the importance of Florida and dimples and dangling chads. I ended up breaking my fast long before the results were finalized days later, but before doing so, I spent hours praying for my country and felt at peace with whatever happened.   



I would like that once again. I want God to give me clear instruction on what decision to make. I want unity within the body of Christ. More than any other time, I feel like when the results are in, half the nation will not just be disappointed, they will be livid.

Christians, please don’t be these people! Let’s lead by example. If Hillary wins, treat her with respect and dignity the office of President deserves. If Trump wins, pray for a muzzle–I mean, discernment–and give him the same honor bestowed on those who came before him.

As always, with love,

JJ Liniger


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