Give me my Fall back!

Give me my Fall back!

Written by: JJ Liniger

Edited by: Quinn Cameron

Come on, Oklahoma! If you keep up the mid-80 degree weather, I’m going to break down and shave my legs. Once summer ends and I switch to pants, I have no intention of shaving again until March. Some of you might be thinking I’m blessed with nice, light-colored hair no one can see. You’re wrong.

Last year, my husband grew out his beard so he could be Obi-Wan Kenobi (think Ewan McGregor, not Alec Guinness) for Halloween. It was a great success! My son suggested I show my legs and go as Chewbacca!  Silly boy, I’m only five feet tall and, good grief, I’m not THAT hairy!


God, I only need a five degree–maybe ten–reduction to be able to wear my jeans and t-shirt accompanied by a light jacket in the mornings. Is that too much to ask

As always, with Love,

JJ Liniger


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