Candy? Yep, I can wear that . . .


Candy?  Yep, I can wear that . . .  

Written by: JJ Liniger

Edited by:

Jerry Seinfeld has a great stand up bit about when kids are first introduced to Halloween.  If you’ve never watched it, you should.

It’s a holiday that used to be ignored by Christians until churches realized they had a golden opportunity to serve families. When I think of the generousness of Halloween, I feel the need to pause and acknowledge how cool it is!  Literally all across America millions of people are just giving away candy!! You people, ROCK!

Unfortunately, parents are left with crazy hyper kids for weeks.  Or even worse, you get caught at night eating said kid’s candy.  We are just trying to save them from having a terrible dental visit or having to run a mile to shed the additional calories, right?

Fortunately, I have a solution.  After attending multiple carnivals and trick-or-treating throughout neighborhoods, I gather all the candy and dump it into ONE pile.  This avoid the “he/she got more than me” etc. etc.  Then the kids get to place one piece back in their bucket and one piece into a donation pile, repeat as needed until all the candy is sorted. I’m surprised by the candy they choose to keep (fake tootsie rolls, smarties, dum-dums, and other mystery candies) and the ones they donate (snickers, reese’s, butterfinger, skittles, and more chocolate).  

Full disclosure, YES, I do go through the donated candy and keep some for myself.  It keeps me from stealing it from my kids later.  The bulk of the candy is donated to Blue Star Mothers.  They send care packages to those serving in the military.

Find a similar organization near you and get that candy out and support a great cause at the same time.  

That’s an ultimate win-win if you ask me. 😀

As always with Love,

JJ Liniger


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