I am participating in a challenge to write a novel from start to finish in the month of November with a total of 50,000 words.

I completed it last year and wrote the story Poisoned, it’s about a man named Trevor. He returns to Becton, TX to find the once thriving town has been almost completely abandoned. Those who remain are furious with him and he doesn’t understand why. Will Trevor be able to discover the root of the poison or become another victim?

This year I plan to write about the fall of Satan.  Light topic, right?  I write first person and Lucifer will be the primary character.  I would really appreciate your prayers as I crawl into the mind of a fallen angel.

Would God really create an adversary on purpose?  Apparently.  When Lucifer left heaven he took 1/3 of the angels with him.  What kind of personality would it take to persuade those who have been in the presence of God to leave Him?  What did Satan say to convince these heavenly creatures that he had a better plan?  Follow the journey Lucifer takes from light to dark and watch God’s plan unravel as evil triumphs over good (or so Satan thinks it does).

As promised, take a look at this awesome banner my friend made for me.


As Always with Love,

JJ Liniger


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